Building Sales Excellence

Setting New Standards

Bse is an automotive sales, training, and consulting company. We consult with dealers, discovering their unique desires. We meet them at their level of need by providing customized real-time training, ongoing education platforms, and successful automotive marketing campaigns. We provide the skills, processes, and daily disciplines for sales teams to become impactful for the dealership and more valuable for the consumers. If you're searching for an automotive sales training and consulting company, BSE is ready to discuss your dealership challenges.
Company of Professionals

Company of Professionals

We Have A Great Team

Certified specialists provide all types of disciplines, processes and long-term impactful changes for your dealership.

We Love Our Clients

We Love Our Clients

Always Forward

A wide range of product and services to assist in making the right decision for your dealership

Business Strategy

Business Strategy

The Best Corporate Culture

We think differently and challenge the retail norm to affect change

Our Training Education and Marketing Platforms

We consult with dealers, discovering their unique desires while meeting them at their level of need by providing customized in-house real-time training. We provide the skills, processes and daily disciplines for management and sales teams to become impactful and valuable to your consumers.

BSE Adrenaline

Get a shot of Adrenaline for your dealership

We utilize sales and training campaigns to help sales teams practice what they learn while simultaneously providing the dealer with immediate...


BSE Drive

We deliver customers - not leads

Technology has come a long way. But, in today’s market, dealers are provided leads that they have to endlessly chase, hoping to turn them...


BSE Evolve

Our annual long-term platform that's setting new standards

We believe in changing the automotive sales industry by transforming sales teams and removing anxiety from the consumer.


BSE Lift

BSE Lift bring customers (not leads) to your dealership

Sometimes, with the hangover of the hard work from the previous month and month-end close, it’s often difficult for dealers to get off the...


BSE Engage

Our training platform with a twist. BSE makes calls too.

It begins with activating and scrubbing your database. Then BSE builds a workflow automation platform that your customers can easily navigate and...


BSE Academy

Automotive-leading experience and services

Real-time training focused on helping sales-teams develop daily disciplines and processes making your team impactful and productive.


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We Love Or Clients

We Make Impactful Changes

Professional solutions for your dealership.

We provide easy support and are co-op compliant with OEM programs.
Satisfied Clients
Automotive-leading experience
Successful Campaigns
Automotive-leading experience
Clients Welcome Us Back
Automotive-leading experience

Dealership Solutions

Complex Change

Finding Solutions that fit your dealership is difficult. We partner with our dealers to find the right solutions

Sales Campaigns

Increase In Sales
Marketing campaigns help sales teams practice new skills. Dealers get added volume and profits.

Training and Education

Impactful Change

Positive impactful training with long-term results is our mission for your teams, dealership and consumers.

Management Consulting

Transforming Dealerships

We spend thousands of hours working with dealers finding answers to growth and profitablity


Testimonials from our customers who are inspired by our services
and made the decision to execute significant changes
in a continually changing automotive market
Jacob Shepard

I would like to recognize BSE customized training and how it keeps my staff focused on our targeted culture change. As well, reaching my veterans and new-hires alike. I would highly recommend them to any organization. They accomplished every milestone and objective I needed to achieve. I look forward to our continued relationship with BSE.

Jacob ShepardGeneral Sales Manager
John Hastings

The quality of the BSE campaigns is simply amazing. We hit our OEM objective on day three of our campaign. We have begun our transformation and needless to say, we had a record month in units and profits!

Ryan DeNooyer

We just completed transforming our dealership with BSE. It's been quite a ride and we weren't exactly sure how to make the necessary changes we wanted to see in our dealership. We invited BSE to study our processes, our teams, and systems. We had some tough conversations on what we were prepared to do to achieve the culture change we wanted to have in our store. BSE helped us make the changes to stay ahead of the competition. We are thrilled with the results and we just signed with BSE for year two!

Ryan DeNooyerDealer
Keith Sneddon

I highly recommend BSE to anyone who is in search of new ideas, quality products, and world-class support. The managers enjoyed the focus with the staff and tying it together with daily habits for the managers and sales teams, making it easy for us to follow our new processes. Thank you for your time and effort toward our project. I can't wait to have you back!

Keith SneddonGeneral Manager

Our Staff

We work hard to help you make the changes to stay ahead of the competition.
Jim Brennan
Jim Brennan
Managing Partner
Jim is a visionary leader with the proven ability to drive the bottom line in the right direction without the narcissism and/or carnage often...
Kieron Cole
Kieron Cole
VP of Business Development
Kieron has over 20 years of experience in the automotive business. His commitment, drive, and passion are easy to recognize when meeting Kieron...
Mark Franceschi
Mark Franceschi
Operational Partner
Experienced Executive Director with a demonstrated history of working in the automotive industry. Skilled in Negotiation, Operations Management...
Shane McIntosh
Shane McIntosh
Managing Partner
A motivating speaker, an accomplished leader, and seasoned automotive veteran.
Vivian Mullins
Vivian Mullins
Marketing Director
A developmental leader with strength in creating and motivating high performing teams to exceed market results and turn around underperforming...

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We love talking to dealers and having an open discussion on how the automotive business is evolving.

Our Clients

Valued clients that have worked hard to change the culture in their dealership
Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Cadillac
Benson Auto
Cadillac of Naperville
Dave Gill Chevrolet
Denooyer Chevrolet
Fucillo Auto Group
Gandrud Chevrolet
Koehne Chevrolet Buick GMC
LaRiche Chevrolet
Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac
Luther Brookdale Chevrolet
Matt Szae Chevrolet Buick
Metro Ford
Nissan 112
Omera Buick GMC
Palmen Cadillac
Parkway Toyota
Williams Kia

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