BSE-USA provides Market Driven Solutions focusing on Diving Culture Change within the automotive industry and your dealership. We offer simple turn-key solutions so you can concentrate on what you do best – Making Sales.

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Delivering an experience takes more then Knowledge, experience and effort. Understaning fully what you want is pivitol to the success of what we bring to your dealership. To deliver, you must meet the dealer at their level of need.

3 Days of On-Site Training - Custom Proven Digital and Mail Creative - Immediate Increase In Traffic and Sales - Leadership By Example and Demonstrating "What Success Looks Like" Results Guaranteed or You Don't Pay
Residual Target Marketing
Get the advantage and start marketing to, what we call the "Shy Shoppers" These are the people that shop your website but may not be visiting your store. Find out what they want, where they visit and what they can afford.


What others are saying about us

"We are a smaller store selling roughly 60 cars a month new and used. On our first Appointment Driven Event we did with BSE-USA we sold 22 vehicles in 3 days. Everyone was making calls, working with customer and closing deals. We barely had enough time to eat, but no one cared. BSE-USA set up the whole event. Our team made the calls and sold vehicles, it was that easy. We do 1 event a year and everyone can't wait for the next event! John Hastings GSM Benson Auto - New Hampshire"

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Meet Our Executive Team

Shane McIntosh
Managing Partner
Automotive professional with over 30 years in retail Automotive experience. A passionate motivational speaker. 6+ Years corporate training 3 College Degrees Resides in Michigan 2 Children Enjoys Golf .
Jim Brennan
Managing Partner
Dealer, manager and musician. Dedicated to the details and finding solutions that effects positive change. - - "The greatest threat to your success, is how you chose to spend your time"
Mark Franceschi
Operational Partner
Mark Franceschi -
Kieron Cole
VP of Business Development
Kieron Cole-

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This is why we're awesome!

Culture Change That Has Impact

"Culture takes over when leaders leave the building." Does your team continue to carry your culture when you leave the building? Sales are lost and Productivity suffers. We help you to correct the culture in your store.

We help your team become Impactful

There are 3 ways we spend out time - we spend it on: -Trivial Things -Important Items - Impactful work We show you how to become impact every day, creating new opportunities and win those opportunities.

Who targets your largest client base "Orphans"

A salespoerson leaves and their clients get re-assigned to another salesperson - Are they following up? We all know the answer. It's time to treat your ophan owners like conquest clients. We will show you how.

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