Who Has The "Secret Sauce" For Selling Cars?

There's no "Secret Sauce" for selling cars and getting results, it’s 1000’s of hours of working with different size automotive dealerships, in different locations with different personalities that makes BSE-USA impactful to your team and your dealership .

Do Your Leads Come From 3rd Party Sources Only?

What ever happened to Sales-Teams developing leads and their own customer base? Technology has certainly made a positive impact on dealerships, but focuses dealers attention and resources on 3rd party lead generation and has caused "dealer generated leads" to be ignored or forgotten. Almost all BDC's (Business Development Centers) are nothing more than an internet department answering leads generated by a third party. Very few BDC's actually "Develop" business for dealerships. We will work with your team, developed lost skills and put in place the daily habits necessary for them to be successful.

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How Culture Change Get Results?

The best way to train your staff and create a positive culture is in Real-Time when customers are walking into your showroom. That's why BSE will support our training with a live campaign and drive customers to your showroom. Yes, we will be selling vehicles as we train your staff. Your management team and sales staff will be trained as customers are filling your showroom and are ready to buy vehicles! A great way to pay for training. You're making money as your staff is getting trained.

You Have Options

Choices are limited when it comes to training your staff. You can choose to have your team review videos in hopes they actually watch them. But the truth is, most often the videos simply aren't enough. Without support and an inspection process, skills are often not developed and their performace remains unchanged. You can have a consultant come in a statically train your staff or send them for offsite training for a day or two, which can be effective but the effects are not lasting since there is no immediate support to improve the newly learned skills. BSE will come to your store, work with your teams in a live environment and help them develop the skills needed to be successful. They receive the support and development at the most valued and important time "When they are with a customer."

Units Sold Past Campaigns

0 Chevrolet - Albany NY
0 Chevrolet - Chicago IL
0 CDJR - Westbrook ME
0 Ford - Schnectady NY
0 Nissan - Patchogue NY
0 Cadillac - Edina MN
0 Chevrolet - Lake Katrine NY
0 CDJR - White Plaines NY
0 Hyundai - Fargo ND
0 Chevrolet - Nelliston NY
0 CDJR - Ramsey NJ
0 Chevrolet - Tully NY

Our Team

Meet our team of experts that are here to make sure your program is launched without any issues. We handle everything from creative to co-op.

Shane McIntosh
Managing Partner
Jim Brennan
Managing Partner
Over 25 years of C-Level experience Jim dedicates himself on making impactful changes. All to often changes are made only to resort back to their old habits. "The Greatest Threat To Your Success Is How Your People Choose To Spend Thier Time"
Mark Francheschi
Operational Partner
Kieron Cole
VP of Business Development
"Culture change is the most impactful change I have experienced in the last 20 plus years in the automotive industry"
Vivian Mullins
Manager of Business Development
Steve McIntosh
Training and Development Manager
Steve has been working as a consultant for many years and is pursuing a Masters Degree in Organztional Leadership. He enjoys assisting dealerships and producing positive results for their entire team.
Mario Sanfilippo
Training and Development Manager
Even though we come to work to sell and service cars everyday, we can't forget to focus that we are indeed in the people business and if we concentrate on our staff and our customers, together we will be successful, guaranteed.
Terry Loggains
Training and Development Manager
Let us train our minds to desire what the situation demands........ Seneca the Elder
Tim Zehr
Training and Development Manager
25 years of atomotive excellence brought to your showroom. Tim enjoys making salespeople more productive and impactful in their daily routines. Back at home, Tim enjoys hunting, fishing and golfing with his 2 sons. Tim is really bad at golf.
Mac McIntosh
Training and Development Manager
Mark Aller
Training and Development Manager
Mark brings years of experience at the executive level with proven results. As the Grandson of an owner of a Studebaker dealership he learned that integrity,hard work and education is where the rubber meets the road!
Lee Ruelas
Training and Development Manager
Rachel Golas
Production and Dealer Relations Manager
Sam McIntosh
Production and Dealer Relations Manager
Caleb McIntosh
Production and Social Media
Morgan Wolf
Accounting and Operations Assistant
I am here for my clients and teammates. I strive to provide the best customer service I can. My ultimate goal is to help our company grow as well as my dealers.

What Dealers Say About Us

"The quality of the campaigns done by BSE are amazing. We hit our objective for the month on day three of the campaign! Needless to say we had a record month in sales and profit!"

Benson Auto

"I would like to recognize BSE's customized training and how it keeps my sales team in line with our targeted culture change. As well how it reaches our rookies and veterans alike. I would highly recommend them to any sales organization. They accomplished every goal I had in mind and I look forward to our future with BSE !!!"

Joseph Chevrolet - Jacob Sheperd

"When we do a BSE campaign, the trainer actually helps me make calls to customers and helps make appointments. The actual letter alone brings people in. When we reach out with a compelling reason to visit, we make appointments. I know when we have a BSE campaign, I’m going to sell cars and make money!"

Nissan Metro Dealer New York - Jason B.

"BSE is a CDK Global Approved Partner"

CDK Global Approved Partner

"BSE is our GO TO team when we need a bump in sales. They never disappoint! Tim Simek Sales Manager"

Hudson Valley CDJR

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