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Hope Is Never A Good Strategy

Changing culture is difficult because it requires us to think and act differently. How many times has your dealership started a new program or process only to witness die a slow death after only a few short weeks. 4DX is short for the Four Disciplines of Execution. It begins with limiting the items we focus on and provide added focus to the items that will provide the greatest impact in the dealership.

The greatest threat to your success is how your people choose to spend their time. The problem is, managers are busy and often don’t have time to spend with their staff developing their skills and inspect their employee’s progress.

It begins with a casual conversation ( we call it discovery ) about the challenges and transitions a dealer sees in their dealership. We often hear, newly implemented processes don’t take hold, policy changes ignored, and sales have stagnated. We take a fresh look and approach to solve the challenges and help dealerships move forward.

BSE designs a plan ( we call it the blueprint ) to address the challenges and barriers to success. Before we implement any strategy, we meet with the executive managers and review our findings and present the solutions.

Again with the executive team, we schedule out the action plan on a calendar, meet with the management and sales teams, and provide them an overview of the blueprint. Then the fun begins.

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BSE will help your managers develop a long-term strategy toward becoming impactful, by focusing on daily discipline and inspection processes.

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All of BSE programs can be customized to meet the dealer at their level of need
Adrenaline Campaign
Sales and training campaign
from $8495campaign
Your staffed gets real-life training as we fill your showroom with customers.
Current and Relevant Creative

Customized Sales Training

Traffic Brought To Your Dealership

Professional in-Dealership Support

Effective Phone Training

One-on-One Training For Your Team

Post Campaign Reporting

OEM Compliant


BSE Evolve
Our Annual Consulting, Marketing and Training Platform
from $3572month
Evolve is our annual training and marketing program
On-Site Client Discovery

In-depth Management and Sales Staff Review

Customized Programs For Your Dealership

Ongoing On-site Training and Development

Continuing LMS Online Software Training

Drive* Digital Marketing Solution

Live Adrenaline Campaign

(Live campaigns support our training mission)

BSE Academy
Live on-line training with a learning management system
Our live on-line management and sales training program
State of The Art Learning Management System

Fresh Courses For Challenging Sales Environments

Managers will learn valuable leadership skills

Time Management Skill Development

Sales Teams Learn Effective Daily Disciplines

Managers Accurately Measure Forgotten KPI’s

Live Monthly Meetings With BSE Trainer’s

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