4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

4DX - Four Disciplines Of Execution

Managers are focused on the bottom line. This is good because, in the end, businesses thrive on revenue. Each month dealers set goals and tracks progress, but that's just a small part of executing a plan. Only measuring results is a problem. Why? Because when you receive the results, they already happened, and it's now history. If managers are going to focus their attention on results, doesn't it make sense to track the activities that create those results?

BSE is introducing to dealerships 4DX – Four Disciplines Of Execution. The objective of the 4DX process is to teach leaders how to develop teams to execute on their highest priorities amid the whirlwind of their day-to-day operations. Furthermore, teaching managers to implement their strategies with their team and to “own the process.” In addition to removing the daily headaches of getting your staff focus on the wildly import and impactful.

This framework ensures that the most important and impactful work gets tracked and completed. And although there are only four silos, as Sean Covey says in his book, “4DX sounds easy, does hard.” Change is difficult enough to accomplish, but when you ask your employees to change behaviors, that’s monumental on taking. As a result, when dealerships begin new processes, the result can often be they die a slow death.

In addition to having a happier and higher performing staff; BSE has codified 4DX for dealerships to help them identify and make the changes necessary to develop long-term growth and increase revenues. In addition, to having a happier and higher performing staff.

4DX – The Four Disciplines


  1. Focus on the Wildly Important – The discipline of focus. First and foremost, exceptional execution starts with narrowing the focus — that may seem counter to our way of thinking. Still, the truth is that when we focus on too many items, none of them get the attention they require. Continued focus on one or two wildly important goals will make your team more effective and productive. 
  2. Act on the Leading Measures – The discipline of leverage. 80% of your results will come from 20% of your activities (how many times have you heard that expression?) — Discipline 2 is based on the principle that not all actions are created equal. Identify and act on the activities with the highest leverage. Leading measurements are within your control, which is counter to what dealers do today. We focus on lagging measures, i.e., how many cars we sold. You want to predict where you’ll end at month-end
  3. Keep a Compelling Scoreboard – The discipline of engagement. People and teams play differently when they are keeping score. Think about going to a baseball game, and there’s no scoreboard. You have no idea what’s happening; is your team winning or losing, what inning are they in, do you think your team will win? Dealers need a scoreboard, too, not just to measure the units sold but to measure the activity that creates the sold units.
  4. Create a Cadence of Accountability – The discipline of accountability. Each team engages in a simple process that highlights successes and analyzes failures. The accountability step is a challenging discipline for dealers because we have to take valuable time off the floor to review our accountability. The trick is to keep these meetings short, focused, and never we mean never skip them. This final step is where 4DX takes root.
4DX The Four Disciplines Of Execution

Our Goal For You

It takes incredible discipline to execute a strategic goal in any organization. And it takes even more discipline to do so over and over again. Creating a culture of execution means installing four basic disciplines into your organization. BSE will help you establish these principles, find the critical leading measurements and create the accountability framework.

Our goal isn’t to establish a long-term contract with dealerships or have dealerships rely on our services. It’s quite the opposite. We want dealerships to grow organically by implementing 4DX. Dealers learn by implementing 4DX; this is the secret to getting things done with excellence and without the need for a long-term relationship with a consulting firm.

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