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All BSE trainers and consultants have deep automotive industry experience. Our experience ranges from dealers to sales managers. We understand dealerships are unique and all have different needs, that's why a one-system approach system doesn't work.

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At BSE, we see many leaders in dealerships endeavor to implement change. They start the process and best practices, only to see their efforts fall short and, in most cases, fade away. Therefore, the leadership of any organization must become skilled in managing complex change. If a leader has the right information, takes the time to plot through all of the factors, then creates a plan, and is prepared to see it through personally, long term change is possible. There are six stages to creating and managing complex change. If you fail to complete the changes in your dealership or are unable to start making the changes you want to see in your dealership, reach out to us, and let's have a conversation on how you can begin helping you.

Dealership New Hire Training

New-hire training and development

Studies have revealed that about 76% of dealers have hired people without any automotive experience. We find a common thread that dealers hire...


BSE Engage

Our training platform with a twist. BSE makes calls too.

It begins with activating and scrubbing your database. Then BSE builds a workflow automation platform that your customers can easily navigate and...


BSE Adrenaline

Get a shot of Adrenaline for your dealership

We provide sales and training campaigns to help sales teams become impactful. While simultaneously providing the dealership with an immediate...


BSE – 4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

Our annual long-term platform that's setting new standards

We believe in changing the automotive sales industry by transforming sales teams and removing anxiety from the consumer.



A BDC service that develops business

We visit a lot of dealerships and one common problem we hear is staffing, managing, and the cost to operate a BDC in the dealership. BDC’s...


4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

We learn strategies that we never execute. 4DX changes everything

Searching for long-term results? BSE Consulting develops customized programs focused on creating long-term impactful changes. We bring fresh ideas...

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Jim Brennan
Managing Partner
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Mark Franceschi
Managing Partner

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Our jobs as dealership managers are to develop, manage and grow our sales...

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