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BSE-USA is a marketing and training company. We offer simple turn-key solutions, so you can concentrate on what you do best – Making Sales.


Education in Sales Management

This program is designed to help managers deal in the challenges facing them with todays complexed staff, changing the culture of the store and creating impactful solutions which results in more focus and productive staff.


Hosted In-house Sales Challenges

A turn-key in-house hosted event provides your team 4 hours of impactful training over 2 days. This event pays for itself, as we generate traffic via multiple platforms and create a call to action for your customers. The In-house Sales Challenge is truly a training seminar in “real-time” It’s high energy, creates lots of showroom traffic and helps your staff understand the importance of impactful work but also teaches them how to double their income. 


Digital Platform That Will Make You Rethink Your Digital Strategy


Everyone has google analytics and we measure the traffic, but we have no way of measuring “if” that customer ever visited your store. BSE-USA’s digital platform will not only track that visitor, we will market to their email and their home address. We even get a soft credit score. Imagine being able to build multiple databases, for your loyal consumers, for competitor brands and one for credit. This is a ground breaking technology and we make it tun-key for you.

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