BSE Insights – Winning Managers Will Mentor, Coach and Motivate

BSE Insights – Winning Managers Will Mentor, Coach and Motivate

Winning managers will mentor, coach, motivate, and investigate their team’s progress, offering support, provide information and tools necessary for their team to excel in their position. They will encourage them and hold them accountable, so in the end, their salespeople perform better and make more money.

Managers who genuinely want to win will give their team vision, impactful training, daily structure, and action plans that help their team create new opportunities. These managers are involved and invested in their organizations. They don’t relegate themselves to desking deals and deceive themselves with false narratives that desking deals are managing. They are always thinking, planning, and communicating with their team. They are on their feet, not behind the desk. They are interacting with their teams and adding intrinsic value.

Lastly and most importantly, high-performing managers are hyper-focused on one or two items that make the greatest impact on their teams. Limiting the focus, not widening, is a formula for success.

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