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Over 40% of salespeople say prospecting is the most difficult part of their job.

Yet, companies spend little effort training salespeople on prospecting and the science behind the call. Salespeople can’t gain confidence  when they think to themselves, “what am I going to say when the customer picks up?”

Nearly 50% of salespeople give up after making one call to a prospect

80% of all prospecting calls require a minimum of 5 calls. While 70% of salespeople make one email attempt. Whereas, 75% of customers want to connect with a salesperson before they visit the store.

It takes an average 18 calls to connect with a customer

Salespeople often stop calling customers after one or two unanswered or returned calls. They do this because they don’t understand the customer’s sales cycle. Most training programs are designed to sell the customer once they enter the dealership, which in our opinion, is the easy part. Getting the customer to visit the dealership, well, that’s the hard part.

Impactful sales training that included cloud base training and live training sessions - All for a price that makes sense.

The BSE Sales Academy

Welcome to BSE's Training Central. Most training content providers are heavy in strategy and light on execution. In other words, they focus on what you should do and leave the actual learning up to you. BSE is heavy in execution. You can hire the best people and design excellent strategies, but it's the execution that gets you to your goals.

BSE Sales Academy

Let’s face it, training your staff is no easy task, and most dealerships are too busy, so they rely on the OEM or a seasoned salesperson where they usually pick up the bad habits you’re trying to avoid them from picking up in the first place. BSE has a better solution. 

BSE Training Central- 

We combine live online training sessions with seasoned automotive professionals, who once sat where your salespeople and managers now sit, combined with an in-depth online curriculum. Furthermore, we continue to support the development of your team with monthly live online coaching sessions. 

BSE will provide monthly progress reports and make sure your staff stays on track by communicating with individuals who either don’t start, complete, or are having difficulty with their careers. 

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Company of Professionals

We are experienced automotive professionals, skilled in automotive sales, management, BDC, and behavior science application. Our team of professionals averages 24 years of automotive experience. Let us customized a program for your dealership.

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People learn in teaspoons not tidal waves. Sending salespeople to one week courses only to loose 90 percent what they learn, is a recipe for failure. It's time for a better approach.

What's Included

BSE's Training Central focuses your teams development of new skills for today's market by blending our Learning Management System ,monthly live instructor-led training and live coaching sessions.
BSE Training Central
A unique training platform that includes course curriculum , live training sessions and live coaching sessions.
Pricing per rooftop unlimited users

  • Monthly Live Session Training
  • Ongoing Course Curriculum
  • Monthly Live Coaching Sessions
  • Monthly Progress Reporting
  • Live Customer Support

Salespeople will perform if provided the right tools, skills and support. Furthermore, employee retention is no longer a problem



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