BSE Insights – Appointments

BSE Insights – Appointments


In our industry we know the average show rate for confirmed appointments is 50%. That means 50% don’t show. That’s quite a loss in potentiol income. So what do you do when half of your appoitments fail to show?

The Value

First, have the right attitude. Appointments who don’t show can still have tremendous value for the salesperson. We know that if a salesperson follows up accurately with “no shows,” they will reset 50% of them. Be optimistic. There could be a variety of reasons they did not show. While the customer may no longer be in the market, the fact that they agreed to set the appointment suggests interest. No matter the reason, there is still potential for the meeting and a car deal. The following is a great way to phone them back without being confrontational. No matter how gentle you call them out, you’re still calling them out. Try taking the high road by taking all the responsibility for them not connecting with you.
“Hi Customer Name, this is Your Name, I called because I think I may owe you an apology. I know we had an appointment yesterday, but for some reason, so many customers needed my attention, that I think I may have missed you. You didn’t happen to come in yesterday and leave frustrated because you had to wait for me, did you? I tried keeping an eye out for you, but I couldn’t break free.” Without fail, the client will say, “I’m sorry, I didn’t make it in”. Your response is, “Oh, that’s great news, when can we get together”? This conversation opens up an opportunity for you to go back to work selling the value of the appointment.


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