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Changes in staff, policies, processes, and culture can be roadblocks to growth. Our clients meet the challenge head-on.

The journey to growth begins with the first step. All too often, dealers institute a new policy or process to improve operations. The reality is that most policies and procedures fade away after the first week. We make the journey toward change with our dealers. Relationships, time, and effort are what make BSE different from other companies. We’re not interested in the quick sale or selling a lead generation program that requires a dealer to monitor our pricing on almost a daily level. BSE has agreements, not contracts, and if you’re not satisfied with our services, we will cancel the deal even if you signed on for a year. We understand the difficulties in managing and operating a dealership because we were dealers. So, reach out to us and find out if BSE can help you increase sales and help your employees become impactful.

All of our business is from repeat and referrals, sound familiar? Many of our clients began with having a casual conversation at their dealerships about their operation. We made it our policy to make no sales presentations or present products for dealers to purchase on our first visit. We believe before we can present a solution, we need to fully understand the challenges, operations, and staff at your dealership. So, as we like to say, let’s have a casual conversion, and if you want to learn more, we’ll be happy to come back another time, or if you prefer, we can have an online visit. It’s that simple.

Company of Professionals

Our clients are professionals and most of what we have learned came from our dealers. Dealers often know what changes they need to make and BSE makes sure they stick, long-term.

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Dealers have different needs and BSE designs products that can be customized to fit your specific requirements
Four Disciplines Of Execution (4DX)
Execute Your Most Important Goals
from $3572month
Measure the activities that drives your results and creates impactful principles in your business
On-Site Client Discovery

In-Depth Review Of Management and Sales

Ongoing On-site Training and Development

Establish Standards and Expectations

Continuing LMS Online Software Training

( We help train your staff and focus on executing your most important goals )

BSE Sales Campaign
3-Day Sales Campaign with Training
We guarantee the money made will exceed the money paid
Creative That Is Current And Relative

Customized Sales Training

Professional In-dealership support

Effective Inbound and Outbound Phone Training

One-on-One Training For You Team

OEM Co-op Package

Post Sale Reporting

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BSE Academy
Continuing Education and Development
Our live on-line management and sales training program with a customized LMS
Fresh Course Designs For Today’s Climate.

Sales Teams Learn Daily Disciplines

Time Management Techniques

Inspections Processes For Managers

Measure The Forgotten KPI’s

Monthly Live Training Sessions

Leadership Development For Your Teams

And A Whole Lot More…


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Valued clients who have worked hard to change the culture in their dealership
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