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Organizational Health For Your Dealership

Managers get promoted because they are great at selling. But the transition from salesperson guru to manager can be challenging. BSE will help with life coaching, manager development, and the organizational health of your dealership.

To begin with, our organizational health analysis found seven critical indicators of a healthy organization. Including penetration of purpose across the organization, agile organization structure, speedy and effective decision making, cooperation across units to deliver results, high engagement and morale of your people, active development, and management of current and future talents, and retention of critical skills.

Leadership remains complex, whereas, constantly evolving, and challenging to master. Moreover, organizational health draws on solid business practices and individual strengths as natural characteristics some people innately have within themselves. Others need help seeing beyond the blind spots in their leadership.

Pat Lencioni writes: The first and most critical step in a healthy organization is creating a cohesive leadership team that is committed to doing the ongoing work of developing and maintaining a high-performing team and mastering the five critical behaviors for corporate success.

To begin with, start with focus and clarity. Align your team around a common strategy with intensity, and yet, most importantly focus clarity. Clarity starts at the top to have a healthy organization.

Once clarity is established with the executive team, and they have aligned on a common strategy. The strategy needs to be over-communicated with employees to take root in the organization.

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