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BSE tackles a wide range of obstacles dealerships encountered in their operations and staff. We have worked with dealerships of all shapes and sizes and perfected solutions you haven't discovered yet, including those that require difficult decisions. Together we will find the solutions that work for your dealership long term.

BSE started operating under a single premise – we help dealers at their level of need – We didn’t talk how to hook dealers into a long-term contract. We want to help dealers become better, improve their operations, and help their staff grow. Our foundation, when we opened up for business, was to help dealers grow. Fast forward to today, we do just that. Today we have a suite of products, none of which has a contract and is cancelable at any time. BSE is here to help your dealership grow.

Learning Management Systems (LMS) have their place in dealerships and perform an intricate role in your team’s education. But nothing can replace an automotive professional coming to your store and spending time with your team in the classroom and one-on-one addressing the personal obstacles that each team member handles individually.

Take a quick moment and read our article about the 5 myths on employee happiness.

Training at the dealership provides us the opportunity to meet your staff, encounter them in their environment, and experience your operation on a personal level. Our Evolve platform is your solution to long-term selling success and employee development.

We believe in staying connected with you and your staff every month. Even if you choose one of our digital or online programs, we make sure you still have personal attention. BSE’s foundation is built on relationships and personal attention. Expect to hear from us at least once a month with either a training seminar or maybe discussing new processes, systems, and KPI’s.

Company of Professionals

We provide a foundation of security and guiding principles to better balance your team and help them become cohesive and impactful.

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BSE – 4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

Our annual long-term platform that's setting new standards

We believe in changing the automotive sales industry by transforming sales teams and removing anxiety from the consumer.


BSE Engage

Our training platform with a twist. BSE makes calls too.

It begins with activating and scrubbing your database. Then BSE builds a workflow automation platform that your customers can easily navigate and...

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