Winning Strategies For Sales Teams

Winning Sales Strategies For Dealerships

Training Your Staff Is Challenging

Dealerships spend a lot of time interviewing and hiring salespeople, only to leave those salespeople to fend for themselves to survive. No wonder 67% of salespeople leave or get fired in the first year. We have to find a better way. This is what drives our passion. BSE has developed a program that encompasses online training, then augments that training with live sessions where salespeople get engaged and challenged.

The difficulty with training can be summed up in one sentence.

“People learn in Teaspoons, not Tidal Waves.”

Let us start by saying that dealership training studies have revealed that about 76% of dealers hire people without automotive experience. Moreover, that makes it crucial to prepare your people and develop their skills to increase their chance of success.

Therefore, BSE develops not only job-related skills but also develops healthy mindsets, a strong work ethic, and daily disciplines preparing your team for long-term success. By doing so, BSE assists your dealership in building a healthy organization.

Consider this, a recent Cox Automotive Dealership Staffing Study found that the average turnover rate at a dealership is 40 percent for dealership employees and 67 percent for salespeople. This is not acceptable. We have to find a better way. 

Training is commonly done by placing students in a class for a few days or a week and subjecting them to a tidal wave of information where 70-80 percent is lost the moment they leave class. People learn in teaspoons, not tidal waves. Therefore, BSE trains your sales teams slowly over longer periods, allowing salespeople time to develop their skills, and learn the disciplines they will need to succeed..

Here’s how it works.

BSE has developed an Online Learning Management System (LMS). Each month your salespeople will be provided a minimum of two online learning modules. Then, in addition to the learning modules, BSE will have two Live Online Sessions, where salespeople get engaged, ask questions, discuss roadblocks and even offer solutions.

This environment permits salespeople to comfortably participate and learn from all the participants during the Live Sessions.

Training just became impactful. 

Company of Professionals

We are a team of successful automotive dealers, general managers, and leaders who understand making impactful change requires focus, not to mention, effort, discipline, and vision.

Above everything else, BSE will help manage this complex change.

The BSE Academy
Our online Learning Management with a Twist.
$299month (per location)
The BSE Academy

Our online Learning Management with a Twist. The twist is, each month sales teams can join us for an expanded live version of training. Sales teams will be engage, they can ask questions offer alternative solutions and celebrate successes. These live sessions will be filled with spirited debates which can make them pretty entertaining. If you want to experience one, fill out our contact us form and let us know you want to join one of the sessions. You won’t be disappointed and either will your sales team.


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