BSE Evolve

BSE Evolve

Long-term solutions are sustainable. We develop a strategy that focuses on helping your managers and sales teams become impactful, providing the culture shift in your store from top-down.


There’s no secret sauce for success. It’s thousands of hours working with different dealers, with different needs, in various locations wanting different results. We begin by visiting your dealership, meeting and interviewing the principles, management, and sales team. We learn the personality and operations of the dealership. Then we get to work looking at every policy, process, third party vendor partnerships, and everywhere you spend money. Lastly, we formulate and present a comprehensive business plan that includes a full-scale training program for your sales and management team, financial projections, marketing plans, campaigns to put in practice what your team learns, and profitability summary.

Our Evolve platform is a long-term cost-efficient platform and an effective solution for small and midsize dealers. BSE’s Evolve leverages our online and in-dealership training, and our Drive* digital platform. We develop sales teams to become impactful for their dealership and deliver more vehicles throughout a 3-day campaign and beyond. All of the online and in-house training prepares dealerships to be proactive vs reactive and our Drive*  digital platform keeps dealerships pipelines filled with brand loyal and conquest prospects. BSE’s Evolve educates, plans, and executes, with a mission to deliver long-term growth for your dealership.

Price: $3572.00

Company of Professionals

We are a team of successful automotive dealers and general managers who understand making impactful change require focus, effort, discipline and vision. BSE will help manage this complex change.

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Evolve Pricing Table

Committing to a long-term strategy is easy with BSE.
Our Annual Consulting and Training Platform
from $3572month
A comprehensive training, education and sales program, customized for your dealership bringing a long-term culture shift to your operation.
On-Site Client Discovery
In-depth management and sales staff Review
Customized Designed Program
Ongoing On-site Training and Development

Continuing LMS Online Software Training

Drive* Digital Marketing Solution

Live 3-Day Adrenaline Campaign

(We use live campaigns to support our training and bring customers to your dealership)

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Evolve is your long-term solution to more sales and productive staff
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Automotive-leading experience
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Automotive-leading experience

Our Clients

Valued clients who have worked hard to change the culture in their dealerships.
Arnie Bauer Buick GMC Cadillac
Benson Auto
Cadillac of Naperville
Dave Gill Chevrolet
Denooyer Chevrolet
Fucillo Auto Group
Gandrud Chevrolet
Koehne Chevrolet Buick GMC
LaRiche Chevrolet
Les Stanford Chevrolet Cadillac
Luther Brookdale Chevrolet
Matt Szae Chevrolet Buick