Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology

Sales Methodology

One of the greatest threats in dealerships today is “salesperson turnover.” Dealerships spend money on personality testing, new-hire training, mentor programs, and not to mention the ongoing perpetual training on Saturday.

Why do dealerships still suffer from employee turnover with all this effort and resources?

One of the critical principles for sales success is to have a clear set of rules and philosophies your salespeople can follow. Your staff needs structure and guidelines – as in “sales methodology” – to follow so they know how to approach the sale and work in harmony to present consistent messages to the prospect.

Join us for a spirited and candid conversation about the sale methodologies missing on the showroom floor.

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Sales Methodology

Wednesday, Feb 8th, 10:30 am CT

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I would like to recognize BSE customized training and how it keeps my staff focused on our targeted culture change. As well, reaching my veterans and new-hires alike. I would highly recommend them to any organization. They accomplished every milestone and objective I needed to achieve. I look forward to our continued relationship with BSE.

Jacob ShepardGeneral Sales Manager
Jacob Shepard

The quality of the BSE campaigns is simply amazing. We hit our OEM objective on day three of our campaign. We have begun our transformation and needless to say, we had a record month in units and profits!

John Hastings

We just completed transforming our dealership with BSE. It's been quite a ride and we weren't exactly sure how to make the necessary changes we wanted to see in our dealership. We invited BSE to study our processes, our teams, and systems. We had some tough conversations on what we were prepared to do to achieve the culture change we wanted to have in our store. BSE helped us make the changes to stay ahead of the competition. We are thrilled with the results and we just signed with BSE for year two!

Ryan DeNooyerDealer
Ryan DeNooyer
BSE Insights - 4DX
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