BSE Lift


Sometimes, with the hangover of the hard work from the previous month and month-end close, it’s often difficult for dealers to get off the starting blocks at the beginning of the month.

BSE’s Fast Start platform will bring customers (not leads) to your dealership with workflow-automation and outbound phone support provided by BSE. We connect with in-market consumers and make appointments for your dealership. Then, your team does what they do best, SELL CARS.


We take care of everything:

  • BSE makes the phone calls and books appointments
  • Targeted digital workflow-automation
  • Creative that’s current and relative
  • Traffic to your dealership
  • Post Sale Reporting
  • Complete OEM co-op package
  • We guarantee the money made will exceed the money paid

*Required minimum of 1200 records


BSE Lift will lift up your month fast and get ahead or catch-up on your monthly objective. We bring workflow-automation and BSE’s own BDC to help your store get a fast start or lift up your mid-month troubles. We make phone calls and the appointments, your team sells the cars. 


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