BSE Adrenaline 4000


3-Day Sales and Training Campaign Including 4000 Total Direct Mail Invitations

We begin with the simple mission to fill your showroom with customer visits. How we accomplish that isn’t so simple. It requires a balance of data, sales and management training, discipline, execution, and teamwork.

Data: Our data management team prepares a data file with in-market customers. Everything your team will need to know about the customer is on our data file. Data is a crucial component in planning a successful campaign, and we spend hours perfecting the data so your team can do what they do best – Sell Cars.

Management Support and Buy-in: We begin by working with your managers. Spending time learning the dealerships processes and procedures managers follow. Then, provide an overview of training the sales staff will receive. Lastly, our trainers will assign responsibilities to your managers to create buy-in from management.

Sales Training: BSE will train your sales team and develop an impactful individual sales plan they will work through-out the 3-days. We provide classroom training for your team and continue with personal one-on-ones to assure everyone is makes an impact and sells some cars.

Our Trainers: We are seasoned professionals. Our average trainer has over 20 years of experience in the automotive business. As your showroom fills up with visitors, our trainers will support your staff as the need arises.

Want to know more how we can help when your showroom gets busy? *Ask us here

Post Campaign Follow-up: BSE will provide you with a follow-up detailed report and everything you need for co-op reimbursement. You can ask us more about co-op here.



BSE Adrenaline 4000 is a 3-Day Sales and Training Campaign Including 3500 Total Direct Mail Invitations

We utilize sales and marketing campaigns to help sales teams practice what they learn while simultaneously providing the dealer with immediate increases in sales volume and profits.

We take care of everything:

  • Creative that is current and relevant
  • Customized in-dealership training
  • Traffic to your dealership
  • Post Sale Reporting
  • Complete OEM co-op package
  • We guarantee the money paid will exceed the money made


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