BSE Academy


A monthly subscription with no long-term commitment and cancel at anytime.

BSE Academy is more than a learning management system for your team. Our professional trainers hold monthly meetings with your teams and address the obstacles to growth, then we come back with a plan to overcome those obstacles.

  • Fresh courses, designed specifically for today’s challenging sales environment.
  • Salespeople will learn how to market themselves.
  • Managers will learn valuable leadership skills, time management, and other valuable skills.
  • Executive managers will be included in lesson plans being taught.
  • Sales teams will learn to work on a daily sales plan.
  • Your team will develop daily disciplines.
  • Managers will learn how to focus their time.
  • Managers will learn how to accurately measure important statistics.
  • As your dealership grows, managers will master how to manage the complex change that accompanies growth.

BSE will have your team working together and in one direction. The courses for salespeople and managers follow the same schedule and they will learn the same skills and disciplines exclusive to their workgroup. Salespeople will learn how to develop and work daily sales plan and managers will learn how to inspect to ensure the daily plans are worked and provide the salespeople support when they are not being worked.



The BSE Academy is our learning management system is a software application for your salespeople, managers, and administration staff. Designed to get your team working on the same skills, discipline, and goals. But we don’t stop there, we will meet with your managers, salespeople and the BDC department every month.


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