AutoPilot – BDC For Dealerships



BSE’s Autopilot is a 24/7 response product for sales and service departments. Details of all customer communication, including phone and email conversations, are documented in your CRM 24/7. Phone prospects are continually worked for 14 days or until an appointment is made. We implement a bi-marketing strategy for internet leads which continues up to 75 days.

IllumiQuote* is provided for the sales department, including a payment calculator producing added interaction from prospects. Additionally, give the dealership units of interest and financial elements entered by the consumer. With every interaction, dealerships are provided, down payment, estimated perceived trade allowance, term length, interest rate, and payment target, allowing valuable intel for AutoPiltos marketing follow-up cadence.

Your service departments won’t require a new service scheduler, since AutoPilot agents are trained on current service schedulers.

Spanish-speaking agents will be assigned to your account to accommodate customer needs.


Searching for a permanent solution to managing your own BDC department or maybe you have a temporary one? BSE has a solution for you. Whether your need is in service or sales, we can help.

We take care of everything. Our solution is turn-key.

  • Our BDC agents average 7 years of experience
  • They are dedicated to your dealership
  • We make sure local numbers display on your customer screen
  • When customers call us, your dealerships name displays on our screen
  • We communicate via Microsoft Teams to your Service and Sales Teams
  • Every comment and appointment will be in your CRM
  • Service appointments will be displayed on your existing platform
  • Every touchpoint will be managed by us
  • All calls are recorded
  • We confirm all appointments with 24 hours
  • Set-up and implementation are quick and easy
  • We do monthly reviews with managers
  • A personalized dashboard for your dealership will keep your staff informed  on daily our progress


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