Hosted Training Campaigns

There’s no “secret sauce”, it’s 1000’s of hours working with different dealerships


BSE-USA hosted campaigns are unlike any campaigns you have been exposed to in the past. Our focus is on automotive  behavioral training and making long term impactful changes. We believe, everything rises and falls with leadership. Managers are key to a dealership’s growth, culture and success. That’s why BSE begins every hosted campaign working with your management team. Additionally, we create daily habits for your management team creating long term impactful changes. Furthermore, training your sales staff in a live environment is also mission critical to the success of your dealership. Therefore, BSE trains your sales staff in 1-2-hour classroom type sessions twice a day. We then continue working with your salespeople on the showroom floor making outbound phone calls and performing CRM walks.



Your database is where we start. Think of your database as gasoline for a car. The largest segment of customers in a dealers database is orphan owners. Sure they get distributed but do they get worked? Of course not. Sales people want to work fresh leads. They don’t want to call customers out of their CRM, because to them thats ineffective. Therefore, salespeople 2 rely on third party generates leads that the dealer buys. Dealers spend thousands in marketing to generate new lead only to have them sent to the lead graveyard after one or two calls. It’s time to stop spending so much money on third party leads and actually work the leads you already have in your databank. Your BSE hosted campaign will set up systems and prove to you management and sale staff these habits sell cars.

Many dealerships don’t adequately track salesperson activity. Furthermore, most don’t have an inspection process to track salespeople activity. BSE will develop impactful daily habits for your sales and management teams to follow.


What We Provide


  • Hosted campaigns are managed by our on-site training manager at your dealership for 3 days
  • OEM approved “Creative” with a clear and concise “Call To Action” that will fill your showroom with customers
  • Impactful management and sales training which will bring long term impactful changes to your store
  • Additionaly, we reach out to your customers by sending “Customed-Tailored Messages” with our state-of-the-art marketing platform
  • Each campaign will have a unique “Landing Page” to capture leads from hand raisers.

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