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Dealerships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Admit it, each dealership is different. So having only one solution to press into every dealership in every market is a recipe for failure.  BSE offers a suite of solutions to fit your individual dealership needs at varying price points. It’s what we do best, “We Meet Dealers at Their Level on Need.” 



When customers can easily answer inventory and budget questions, trust is established.

When a dealer knows what’s essential to a customer, the conversation becomes relevant. That’s why Sales-IQ provides the real-time...



Service-IQ A new kind of customer engagement system.

SERVICEiQ delivers service customers with a true offer to upgrade or sell their current vehicle. The custom offer automatically calculates the...



A BDC service that develops business

We visit a lot of dealerships and one common problem we hear is staffing, managing, and the cost to operate a BDC in the dealership. BDC’s...


BSE Adrenaline

Get a shot of Adrenaline for your dealership. Get an extra Saturday in Your month.

We provide sales and training campaigns to help sales teams become impactful. While simultaneously providing the dealership with an immediate...


BSE – 4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

To move forward focusing on less can be more impactful and a great place to start

We believe in changing the automotive sales industry by transforming sales teams and removing anxiety from the consumer.


BSE Sales Academy

Automotive-leading experience and services

Real-time training focused on helping sales-teams develop daily disciplines and processes making your team impactful and productive.


4DX Four Disciplines Of Execution

We learn strategies that we never execute. 4DX changes everything

Searching for long-term results? BSE Consulting develops customized programs focused on creating long-term impactful changes. We bring fresh ideas...