BSE Products

Dealerships Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Admit it, each dealership is different. So having one solution or product to press into every dealership in every market is a recipe for disaster.  BSE offers a suite of products to fit your individual dealership needs at varying price points. It what we do best, “We Meet Dealers at Their Level on Need.” 


BSE Adrenaline

Get a shot of Adrenaline for your dealership

We utilize sales and training campaigns to help sales teams practice what they learn while simultaneously providing the dealer with immediate...


New Hire Training

We meet dealers at their level of need while training your staff and selling vehicles


BSE Evolve

Our annual long-term platform that's setting new standards

We believe in changing the automotive sales industry by transforming sales teams and removing anxiety from the consumer.


BSE Engage

Our training platform with a twist. BSE makes calls too.

It begins with activating and scrubbing your database. Then BSE builds a workflow automation platform that your customers can easily navigate and...